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by BostonPostMortem Board on October 27, 2006

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We’ve got a new job on the jobs page, from Tilted Mill.

The jobs page is a bit of a pain to maintain. I have a little helper app that gives me a form to fill out, and then I can cut and paste from the resulting text into the XHTML file that contains the job information.

I’ve avoided making the helper app public, because I figure that spammers will just fill up the disk with junk.

The nice thing about this mechanism is that the jobs page looks nice, and it’s in a standard format. Do we really need that?
Now that we have a blog format, we could just list postings on this page under a jobs category. Formatting would be up to the person sending in the listing.

I’ve added a poll system to the blog, over in the sidebar. Please vote for which way you want the jobs to go.

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