September Meeting

by Darius Kazemi on September 2, 2008

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Our September meeting is coming up on Wednesday, September 10th, and our speaker is Jon Radoff of GamerDNA. Here’s how he describes his talk:

I’ll be talking about market trends in the game market that we’ve been able to observe by integrating data about gameplay across multiple game networks.  Examples discussion topics will include:

  • Rock Band versus Guitar Hero 3 — which is being played more, and why?
  • Braid vs. other XBLA titles — real evidence of the word-of-mouth long-tail at work
  • What happens to former World of Warcraft players when they try other MMORPGs? (Hint: it’s not what you expect)

Sounds super interesting! Also of note is that GamerDNA is also sponsoring food and drink at this meeting!

The meeting is at 7pm and will be hosted at the Skellig as usual.

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