Event: Video Game Gold: The Prosperous Gaming Industry in MA

by Darius Kazemi on November 3, 2008

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The Massachusetts Tech Leadership Council is hosting a video game related event in Waltham on November 19th called “Video Game Gold: The Prosperous Gaming Industry in MA.” This will be a great opportunity for game developers to network with more traditional software developers. There will be, from what I understand, a brief presentation from Jon Radoff (who spoke at Post Mortem in September), and then a panel discussion. Registration is $40 for members, $80 for non-members.

There is a vibrant and growing video game industry in Massachusetts that consists of numerous development studios, game-related service and content providers, industry analysts and journalists and students, among others. In the thriving multi-billion dollar video game industry, Massachusetts has emerged as a key player and we’re just getting started!

Jon Radoff, game industry entrepreneur and CEO of GamerDNA.com, will share a high-level overview of current market trends in the game industry and provide a snapshot of the role of MA companies and executives. An interactive panel discussion amongst a mix of local executives entrenched in this industry will help demystify video games for the un-initiated in attendance, further examine the state of games in MA, including a showcase of innovative products and services from local companies, and to also to share their thoughts about what opportunities exist for the MA game industry in years to come.

Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA (Moderator)
Peter Blacklow, CEO, Worldwinner
Brett Close, President & CEO, 38 Studios
Jim Crowley, CEO, Turbine
Florian Hunziker, VP Business Development, Harmonix
Oscar Jazdowski, Senior Relationship Manager, SVB
Jason Schupbach, MOBD

Event and registration info here. Use promo code “postmort” to receive the $40 member rate!

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