Culture Clash

by Darius Kazemi on September 8, 2009

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 Storytelling: Gaming, Hollywood & raising capital…

A deep dive on the story, why it matters, what part matters most, and how to deliver it in its most compelling format 

With a lively interactive panel, we’ll explore storytelling in the movies, the gaming industry and venture capital. Where does the story come into play? Is a good story essential for success (or is it the storyteller)? And more… Panelists include:

Reed Sturtevant, managing director of Microsoft Startup Labs will be the moderator.

Please join the conversation to explore, share and learn with us. Register here for free!

A bit about Microsoft Startup Labs Culture Clash
We’re kicking off a new lecture series or, better yet, a conversation series — Culture Clash — to bring together representatives from a variety of groups, industries and disciplines around a given topic. While the differences are a given, we think that the intersection points are rich and interesting areas to explore.


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