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by Darius Kazemi on September 8, 2009

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September’s Post Mortem is being held a week later than usual due to the Labor Day holiday.

This month our speaker is Duncan Watt of Fastestmanintheworld Music. His talk will be an updated, adapted-for-BPM version of the talk he gave recently at IGC East.
Title: Music As An Element Of Game Design
With the advent of next-gen consoles, and faster, more powerful PCs, opportunities abound for game designers to take advantage of music’s innate ability to directly connect with a player’s emotions. Dynamic music systems, advanced audio engines and robust storage/delivery set the stage for music to quickly surpass the linear ‘underscore’ role it plays in film and break new ground, providing designers direct access to and control of the player’s thoughts and reactions in real time.
Speaker: Duncan Watt, Founder/Creative Director, Fastestmanintheworld Music
Multiple award-winning composer Duncan Watt is the founder and creative director of Fastestmanintheworld. Watt has a variety of digital game, TV, film and music projects to his credit – as musician, composer, sound designer, engineer and/or producer. Following a successful history composing for TV and film, Watt founded
Fastestmanintheworld in 2005 to focus on composing, voiceover and audio for digital games. His scoring, audio design and audio production work appears in a variety of independent and AAA titles, including Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, Need For Speed: Undercover and Pro Street, WordFu, Stargate Online TCG and many others.
Wednesday, Sep 16th, 7:00PM
Waltham @ The Skelllig (directions)

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