Digital Games; All Fun and Games or a Dominant Form of New Media?

by Darius Kazemi on September 21, 2009

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On Thursday morning at 9AM in Cambridge the Mass Tech Leadership Council is hosting a panel about the game industry. Great folks from Quick Hit, Harmonix, 38 Studios, GamerDNA, and even ESPN Games will be on the panel. (Note that this is in the morning and does not conflict with the Culture Clash event that afternoon.) Details and registration here, and as a Post Mortem community member you can enter the discount code techtues09 for the member rates (50% off!).

The game industry today is just in its infancy and bears little resemblance to the mass media form it will ultimately become. Game consumers have already shifted beyond the perception of a teenage male to include females and multiple generations of users.

Please join us, listen and interact with our distinguished panelists as they discuss how games aren’t  just fun and games anymore but a legitimate tool for media companies  to target consumers.  Find out why games are expected to become the dominant broadcast media for consumers and how media companies are leveraging this shift. 

MODERATOR, Peter Blacklow, CEO, Worldwinner


  • Jeff Anderson, CEO, QuickHit

  • Mike Dornbrook, COO, Harmonix

  • Jen MacLean, CEO, 38 Studios

  • Raphael Poplock, VP Games, ESPN Games

  • Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA


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