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by Darius Kazemi on July 29, 2010

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We received the following request from a Boston Post Mortem community member seeking folks who might be able to contribute to one of two Worldcon panels.

I’m a voiceover artist with enough speculative fiction (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, …) experience to be a panelist at the World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne, Australia in September (AussieCon 4). I am on the 2 panels described at the end of this email, relevant to game developers. Now the audience is pretty much hand-picked thought leaders in spec. fic. gaming and I was wondering if any of the Boston Post Mortem community have either things to say or examples about either of the panels below, or would like to send materials for me to hand out at either panel. If anyone is particularly interested, I’m happy to talk on the phone or meet in person to discuss the topics.

I can be contacted either via the contact form on my website, or email to

Thank you!

Bob Kuhn

The descriptions of the 2 panels are:

Pop Culture Stream
We know Dungeons and Dragons is a game, but is it art? An examination of the storytelling process behind role-playing games – part creative writing, part performance, and almost entirely disregarded as an artistic work. If it is some kind of cross between the written and performing arts, what can GMs and players learn from those disciplines to make their games even stronger?

Young Adult Stream
Games in YA Spec Fic, their influence and importance.

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