February Post Mortem

by Darius Kazemi on February 8, 2011

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Post Mortem will be this Wednesday in Waltham. Our talk will be by Christian Baekkelund of Subatomic Studios:

TinkerBox Post Mortem

TinkerBox is an iOS game that recently was released for iPad on February 1st and will soon be released for iPhone/iPod Touch. Jointly made by AutoDesk and Subatomic Studios, the globally distributed team created a free, 3D physics puzzle game that shot to top daily downloaded spot for free iPad games within days of release. This postmortem will break down the things that went both right and wrong during TinkerBox’s creation and launch. Some of these issues will include: problems with a very short (4.5 month) development cycle; working with an internationally distributed team of both novices and veterans; maintaining scope and reigning in complexity; rapid changes based off of focus-testing; working with a non-traditional game publisher; and reflections on an App Store launch.

Christian Baekkelund

After studying Computer Science and Comparative Media Studies at MIT, Christian Baekkelund entered the game industry and has held positions in design, production, QA, and engineering. He has worked at several game companies, including Electronic Arts, Harmonix, 38 Studios, Demiurge Studios, and Subatomic Studios, on a range of game genres, including educational, music/rhythm, sports, and massively-multiplayer fantasy. He has also written in the AI Game Programming Wisdom series and spoken at the Game Developer’s Conference on the topics of artificial intelligence and game design.


Wed, February 16th
7pm @ The Skellig, Waltham
Directions: http://www.bostonpostmortem.org/directions/

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