Newton South High School needs game dev speakers

by Darius Kazemi on May 5, 2011

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Carol Ober is teaching a class this fall at Newton South High School called Game Design Studio, described as:

Game Design Studio is a course in which students learn the fundamentals of game design, focusing on 2D and 3D art, interactive stories, character creation, and what makes a good game. No programming experience is necessary. Students collaborate in a workshop environment to explore user-friendly 2D and 3D imaging and game design software.

She says:

I’m looking for game developers who would be willing to talk to high school students about the field – in the Fall or Spring semesters of next year. I’m also looking for game developers who would be willing to consult with me before September to help me get the program up and running.

I have a wide range of students in my classes (9th – 12th graders, all experience levels, etc.). Some of them will come in with no knowledge, others will have already done game design in summer programs or at home on their own. There are usually 16-20 students in a class.

Unfortunately, we have old G5 Macs (pre-Intel) which are on their last legs. I’m hoping to get a large grant for new equipment and software, but that probably won’t happen until the following year. I do have a few new Macs and will try to get one more for the fall. I have almost no budget for software.

If you can help, please email her at carol (underscore) ober (at)

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