IGDA Boston Board of Director Elections – 2012 Candidates

by Dan Salsberg on August 29, 2012

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Elections for the Boston Post Mortem/IGDA Boston Board of Directors are about to get underway (August 29th). We have 8 nominees running for 2 seats. Please find below the candidate statements for the 2012 BPM/IGDA Boston Board of Directors elections.

If you are a paid IGDA member please keep an eye on your inboxes for your link to vote. Please ensure that you are properly affiliated with our chapter so that you will receive the email! Our list of eligible voters is based on chapter affiliation.

You can designate your chapter by going to https://members.igda.org/login/ and signing in with your member login. Then navigate to Profile -> Update Profile -> Choose IGDA Chapter drop down and select Boston.

Thank you for your participation!



(The following are presented in alphabetical order by last name.)

Carl Adams

To whom it may concern,

I have created, written and executive produced animated shows for ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, Adult Swim, PBS, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. I currently own and executive produce an animation studio in Watertown, MA. I have also written for and executive produced video games for Adult Swim Games and Game Tap (Turner). Over the years I have worked with a lot of different programmers, artists, audio engineers, editors, producers and clients. While animation and video gaming are different, there is a lot of obvious (and not so obvious) overlap. Concept development, character development, writing, art, animation, audio, budgets, schedules and production methodologies are some of the obvious shared similarities.

In short I think I bring a fairly unique entertainment perspective that is pretty interesting to video game development and I am interested in joining the Boston Post Mortem/Boston IGDA Chapter Board of Directors.

Small personal factoid: My background in video games dates back as far as I can remember. Growing up my family’s business of coin-op entertainment dates back four generations to 1933. While the business works with all coin-ops (juke-box, pool tables, pinballs) they mostly focus on video games starting in 1972 with Atari’s Pong.

Alex Engel

I’m Alex Engel, and I’m a Manager in Online Operations at WB Games / Turbine. I’ve been playing video games since I was three years old, from Apple II to Sega Genesis and TurboGraphix 16, from Super Nintendo to Playstation and Xbox. However, at my core I’ve always been a PC gamer. Ever since my parents bought me my first computer, games and myself have been inseparable. In 2002 I began playing online games, and in 2004 I took my passion for games into game development when I began working with Eve-Online as a Senior Event Producer. In 2006, I moved to Boston to continue my career in the game industry.

My Boston professional life began in early 2007 when I was hired at Turbine as a Senior Game Master. During my time as a Senior Game Master, I handled player disputes and began tracking down in-game fraud, compromised accounts, and the exploitation of our games. I even gave a talk at Boston Post Mortem in April 2008 on my experiences as a Senior Game Master. In early 2009, I started the Anti- Fraud team at Turbine and took on chargebacks and payment disputes, in addition to in-game fraud and compromised accounts. In 2010, I presented a talk at the Game Developers Conference on Turbine’s anti-fraud activities in The Lord of the Rings Online. Most recently, I joined Turbine’s Online Operations team in 2011, where I coordinate the live deployments for The Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Asheron’s Call.

I’ve been attending Boston Post Mortem since I moved up here in July 2006. Ever since Darius came over and chatted me up, I’ve been there almost every month. I’ve been there so many times that the Skellig doesn’t even card me anymore! When I heard that we were looking for board members, I put myself in, and I hope that I can help our group stay one of the best IGDA and Game Developer meetings in the country. Talking to my friends in other game companies around the country, they’re always amazed at both the breadth of our presentations and the turnout we see each month. As a member of the board, I’ll continue to create a space where both indie and mainstream game developers, along with our huge student population, can come to discuss games, their projects, and job opportunities.

Hunter Keeton

My name is Hunter Keeton, an intellectual property attorney at Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, and Boston Post Mortem member for several years now. I am running for one of the open board positions.

I first began attending Post Mortem a number of years back, shortly after getting out of Harvard Law School. I’ve played video and computer games since forever, but had never really gotten to learn how they were made. It’s been a real pleasure to learn about the happy, vibrant development community in Boston, and about all the great work people have done and are doing in all the different companies in the area.

My philosophy and goals for the chapter are to build on the great foundation that is already there. Post Mortem is one of the oldest and strongest of the IGDA chapters, with good attendance at every meeting and great speakers. I’d like to help keep that going, including working on getting a few more events “off-site” from the Skellig.

I also hope to help the chapter and the board with my slightly outside perspective. I work in intellectual property law, including patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret disputes, as well as IP contracts and related issues. Many of these issues come up in the video game field, as I know from my work at the firm and talking to all of you at meetings. I hope to assist the chapter in organizing more ways to provide assistance on these topics, including organizing speakers or helping draft “how to” materials for our website.

With my background, I feel I can be a real asset to the board in considering legal and IP issues and ramifications as they come up. I also want to give back to a community that has given me so much pleasure and opportunity over the years.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Lee

Hello, all my fellow gamers and game developers, my name is David Lee, and I am currently the QA Lead for the Lord of the Rings Online project at Turbine, Inc./ WB Games. Today, I am writing all of you in hopes of becoming a part of the Board of IGDA Boston chapter.

I have been in the industry for several years, but I only started going to the monthly meetings several months ago as a part of the recruiting effort for Turbine’s game QA teams. I plan to stay in the industry – and in the area for a long time – so, I wanted to get more serious about being a part of strengthening this community.

My guiding philosophy has been simple and consistent over the years: “love and encourage the people around you”. You see, I owe all my success to the people I work with. I owe the successfulFree2Play re- launch of Dungeons and Dragons Online to the handful of my awesome testers. I owe the twists and turns in my career to the best boss in the world who trusted me and encouraged me to take on things I had no experience in. I wouldn’t be a part of the best MMO studio without all the quiet efforts of the developers, engineers, the network operations teams, customer service teams … …as I gain more experience in my career, I realize more and more that there really are not many places in our line of work where you say, “yeah, that was all me”.

I love that we have a strong community here in Boston, and I would love to see it grow – not in numbers – but in character. I see many students and other industry-hopefuls showing up to get a glimpse of the world they desperately want to be a part of. I remember being on that side of the room – wondering how all these people got there. Well, I owe MY career and time in the industry to people too many to mention, so I would like to return the favor to you and others who show up month after month. I would like to see Boston Post Mortem to be a place where things are personal, you repay your professional debt, and the passionate gamers find their way in.

Austin Maestre

My name is Austin Maestre, I am a 22 year old recent college graduate, and I want to be on the board for Boston Post Mortem. At the most recent BPM meeting I met a bunch of new people and with each one I knew that I had really found something special. In such a short amount of time I have already met so many exceptional people.

Boston Post Mortem has lit a fire in me, I have always had a passion for gaming as a hobby but BPM has shown me that I can make it part of my life. That is why I have nominated myself for this board position. I want to take what I’ve learned as well as what I have to offer and use them to give back to this amazing community. I want to grow the relationships I have already made while making as many new ones as I can. At the same time, I want to do everything I can to make sure every attendee, whether it’s their first time or they’re a long time member, has the same experience I have had every time.

My drive, energy, and passion for this industry is something I am proud of, and I want to take that same enthusiasm and bring it to BPM.

Aaron Melcher

The Greater Boston area has an excellent game development community.  Boston Post Mortem provides a great meeting place for professional and hobbyist game developers to socialize and share ideas.  As a member of the board I would like the opportunity to assist with:

* Getting technical speakers (programmers) for meetings

* Helping set up and run meetings

* Technical improvements to the website if desired

* Driving more attendance/involvement of local game companies and their employees

These are some of the things I believe are important and my skills could help provide to the organization.

I’ve been attending Boston Post Mortem for the past three years since I arrived here in Boston.  It was really valuable to have the opportunity to get out of the house and meet the great people that make up the game development community here.  Given the opportunity I’d like the chance to give back to the organization that has played a key role in making me feel at home in a new place.

Aaron Melcher is a Graphics Engineer at Turbine Inc., developer of Dungeons & Dragons Online®  and The Lord of the Rings Online™.  He’s been developing games professionally for five years, three of which have been in the Greater Boston area.  In some of his free time Aaron enjoys hacking out personal game ideas as well as helping out others with their projects.  Most notable would be engine development and optimization that was done last year for Snapshot, http://snapshotgame.com.  For more information you can check out his blog, http://resolveaswontfix.com.

Jonathon Myers

What we have going for us with Boston Post Mortem is our sense of community and connectedness. We collectively place a strong emphasis on the value of fellowship across studio boundaries. We readily share with each other our knowledge, talent, and resources. Boston Post Mortem is a communication space that provides opportunities for unique relationships among local game developers. We are also a sum of organizations that includes larger studios, educational institutions, indies, contractors, technology start-ups, and several social/mobile/casual game companies. I believe that nurturing this broad yet interconnected community is the most important duty of this chapter.

As a board member I would seek that we continue to retain a simple community-oriented focus:

  • Foster a sense of community across industry or studio boundaries
  • Facilitate community events (including our own monthly meetings)
  • Communicate important events and relevant information to members
  • Provide a forum for sharing industry knowledge
  • Encourage and support smaller focus groups, local SIGs, and spin-off meetups

What can I bring to the table? I’m a high-energy glue person who cares deeply about Boston and our dev scene. As a writer who is active in the IGDA Writing SIG, I can also pledge my skills toward record-keeping tasks, communication upkeep, and website maintenance. I am a Lifetime Member and I covered IGDA at GDC in 2011. I was a dedicated volunteer when IGDA hosted content at PAX East that same year. After previously serving as the czar for the Writing SIG at the Game Narrative Summit of GDC Online, this October I will be co-delivering my first GDC lecture and assisting with the Game Writing Tutorial in Austin. I most recently spoke at the IGDA Summit during Casual Connect in July. For those interested in reviewing my career background or past activities, you can check out my LinkedIn profile, visit my website, or email me directly with questions at jon@jonathonmyers.com.

Alec Shobin

I’m Alec Shobin from Subatomic Studios and I’m excited to have this opportunity to run for a seat on the IGDA Boston Chapter Board of Directors. Like many of you, Boston Post Mortem has been an influential part of my life. With your support, I’d like to dedicate myself to giving back to this wonderful community.

The game development scene in Massachusetts is incredibly unique. The sense of camaraderie among the community and remarkable talent shown by its members is unrivaled. With a diverse combination of students, small indie teams, mid-level development shops, and AAA studios, we represent a unique group within the most successful entertainment industry on the planet. It’s crucial that we do our part to continue to foster this community of developers in a way that has a positive impact on the quality of games we’re releasing, the studios we’re running, and the culture we’re creating. By continually improving these parts of our own community, we will be playing a role in the improvement and maturation of the entire industry. As a result, we will achieve our mutual goal of making more awesome games.

With that in mind, I have four core beliefs that you should be aware of:

1. I will do what’s best for the community.

2. Communication is the cornerstone of a community. I will facilitate communication.

3. Increasing diversity will improve our community and the games we create.

4. I will enthusiastically help the IGDA Boston Chapter become even more awesome.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I hope we have the opportunity to work together to bring the world more awesome games.


Alec Shobin is the Marketing & PR Manager at Subatomic Studios, the team behind Fieldrunners. He began his career at Metaversal Studios, where he worked on classic games, like Hot Dog Down a Hallway, and managed the studio’s acquisition. He moved on to Fire Hose Games to help with the PlayStation title, Slam Bolt Scrappers. In his spare time, he was a marketing and business consultant for local studios. Prior to joining the industry, he worked in the financial sector and graduated from Babson College with a degree in business.

Relevant Experience:

• One of the founding organizers of the original Made in MA pre-PAX event

• Active at BPM, Boston Indies, Women in Games, Gameloop, and other local meetups

• Studio spokesperson and public presence manager – PR magician

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