Boston VR Bender May 31st Through June 3rd

by Aaron Melcher on May 30, 2014

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There is a really awesome set of events happening over the weekend and beyond.  Alex Schwartz, founder of the Boston Unity Group, has these details to share about what is going down:

Hey all,

Just a reminder that the 4-day stretch of VR-related events known as the ‘Boston VR Bender’ is beginning tomorrow! Come hang out with Valve, Oculus, Unity, and east coast VR aficionados!

The weekend jam is full, but check out the Monday and Tuesday events!

Sign up for Monday’s Boston VR group ‘Demo Night’ here:
(Note that waitlisted folks for the Monday event will be let in at the door, no worries)

Grab drinks with everyone and talk shop with a B.U.G. event at the Mead Hall on Tuesday. Sign up here:

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