June Meeting – Hannah Foell on Improv Comedy and Game Production

by Dan Salsberg on June 2, 2014

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This month’s Boston Post Mortem is Tuesday, June 10th at 7pm at The Skellig in Waltham.

Our presentation this month will be by Hannah Foell, who will be giving a talk on ‘Improv Comedy and Game Production and Development’

What can improv comedy teach us about being better game developers and collaborators?

What does “Yes, And…” actually mean in the day to day realities of making a game?

As a game developer and veteran improviser, Hannah Foell will share her unique perspective on what these two seemingly different worlds can learn from each other. Hannah will tell you about the skills she’s developed through years of performing, how they helped her produce two expansion packs for Lord of The Rings: Online, and which comedy principles you can directly apply to your process, no matter your discipline.

Even if you’ve never improvised, or can’t tell so much as a knock-knock joke, this talk will show you how the techniques comedians use to work together on-stage can help your team work together behind the scenes.


Hannah Foell is an experienced comedian and game developer, who specializes in improvised comedy and production.

Since 2007 she performed sketch and improvised comedy with celebrated groups The Dowry, Marjean and Maxitor, hosts and producers the monthly sell-out variety show The Kerfuffle, and spent three years as a member of ImprovBoston’s Main Stage cast. Hannah is currently one of the co-founders and producers of Fine Line Comedy, who stage monthly experimental comedy shows all over the Boston area.

Hannah worked as a recruiter and producer at Turbine on Lord Of The Rings Online, where she helped oversee the Riders of Rohan and Helm’s Deep expansion packs.

Hannah is also a noted expert on The Fast & The Furious film franchise, and tries to live her life a quarter mile at a time.


Tuesday, June 10th
7pm @ The Skellig, Waltham
Directions: http://www.bostonpostmortem.org/directions

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