February Meeting – “People, Process and Product: a Panel Discussion on Game Production”

by Dan Salsberg on February 10, 2016

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(Recording of the presentation can also be found on our YouTube channel)

This month’s Boston Post Mortem is Tuesday, February 16th at Monroe in Cambridge and will begin at 7:00pm; talk begins at 8:00pm.

Our presentation this month is, “People, Process, and Product: a Panel Discussion on Game Production”.

Game development is a complex endeavour that at its core will always be about the individuals and teams building something. Production and project management encompass a number of soft and hard skills focused on communication, schedule, communication, process, and communication. Join our panel for a waterfall of information and discussion on the ins and outs of helping talented folks build great games on a schedule (and getting out of the way whenever possible)!

We promise, we won’t ask you to estimate the effort it takes (or to log your hours) listening to us talk.

Our team of talented (and agile!) communicators for the evening is as follows:

Hannah Foell, Producer at Harmonix Music Systems
Rich Gallup, Executive Producer of Disruptor Beam
Ariel Jaffee, Development Director at Demiurge Studios
Daniel Salsberg, Senior Producer at GSN Games (Moderator)

About the panel:

Hannah Foell, Producer at Harmonix Music Systems

Hannah started her career in games as recruiter for Turbine, before transitioning into production on Lord Of The Rings Online, where she helped oversee the Riders of Rohan and Helm’s Deep expansion packs. She also had a brief stint producing free-to-play casino apps for Plaor and most recently shipped Rock Band 4 with Harmonix.

Hannah is a noted expert on The Fast & The Furious film franchise, and tries to live her life a quarter mile at a time. Follow her day to day at @hannanimal.

Rich Gallup, Executive Producer of Disruptor Beam

Rich Gallup is Executive Producer at Disruptor Beam, home of the recently launched Star Trek Timelines and Game of Thrones Ascent. Previously he rode the lightning as Lead Producer at 38 Studios, founded Summer Camp Studios (play Fart Cat!), and did a bunch of doofy stuff on camera for GameSpot. You can find him tweeting about his kids, pancakes, and his kids eating pancakes at @rich_gallup

Ariel Jaffee, Development Director at Demiurge Studios

Eleven years ago Ariel got her foot in the door at Turbine/WB Games by taking a temp job as a Marketing Assistant, which led to the Community Team for Dungeons & Dragons Online. Having a penchant for planning and organizing, she joined The Lord of the Rings Online team as an Associate Producer. She then served as Producer, and then Senior Producer for Infinite Crisis. Since July she has been happily working at Demiurge Studios as the Development Director for Marvel Puzzle Quest; a game she has played for 825 826 days (thus far). Ariel loves cats. Read nothing interesting at @eatslemons.

Daniel Salsberg, Senior Producer at GSN Games (Moderator)

Daniel Salsberg is a Senior Producer at GSN Games. In a previous life he built 3d worlds at Mad Doc Software and Rockstar Games New England, where he worked on Empire Earth III, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne 3. Subsequently he led art and production on console, canvas, and mobile titles at Double Tap Games and Plaor. Daniel is a board member of the Boston Post Mortem; the Boston IGDA chapter. Preemptively block him at @dansalsberg.


Tuesday, February 16th
7:00pm @ Monroe
Directions: http://www.bostonpostmortem.org/directions

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