November Meeting – A Study in Goal Formation and Live Events in Mobile Games

by Dawn Rivers on November 21, 2016

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Our presentation this month is:

“A Study in Goal Formation and Live Events in Mobile Games”
Mobile games have quickly evolved since they’ve arrived. The market is becoming more competitive and keeping players, as well as encouraging players to spend is become more difficult. Puzzle and Dragons Subreddit moderator Johnny Liu (/u/ChoppedChef33) talks about how to effectively use in-game events to tie into your game’s core loop to drive help drive engagement and revenue. You don’t need to know anything about the game, as we’ll walk through the game’s core loop and systems, and how they’ve designed their events to tie into different ways to keep their players playing.

An extremely popular and super addictive freemium game with over 30 million downloads in Japan and ranked as one of the top grossing apps, Puzzle & Dragons combines the key elements of a puzzle game, a dungeon-crawling RPG, and monster collecting adventure!

For more details on Puzzle & Dragons, please visit:

About the Presenter:

Johnny Liu is one of the moderators for the Puzzle and Dragons subreddit and works as a Community Manager. He has played over 1300 days of Puzzle and Dragons, consecutively, more than once a day.


Tuesday, November 29th
7:00pm @ Warehouse Bar & Grille
40 Broad St., Boston MA, 02109

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