Field Recording: How To Record Your Own Sound Design

by Dawn Rivers on April 7, 2017

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Our presentation this month will be presented by Boston Post Mortem board member Renzo G. Heredia:

“Field Recording: How To Record Your Own Sound Design”
Sound design acts as the art of using audio and sound feedback to tell a story and give an emotion to your player. How do you find these sounds, and how can you record them on your own to make them as unique to your game as possible? Renzo will present at Boston Post Mortem to encourage you to field record your own sounds, something he does every day with his sound effects. Instead of relying on free sound libraries where effects can tend to sound the same or not be 100% satisfying, Renzo will show you how you can record sounds and even edit them on your own to make the sounds that you want for your game. 

About the Presenter:

Renzo G. Heredia has been active in the game industry ever since attending his first Global Game Jam in January 2012. Since then, he’s provided music, sound effects, voiceover, and audio QA for 15+ games, including Harmonix’s Rock Band 4 and SingSpace. He has graduated from Berklee College of Music and MassDiGI’s SIP 2014 program, edited Video Game Music Online’s podcast, interviewed and recruited prospective students for his alma mater, and currently freelances in composition and sound design. 


Thursday, April 20th
7:00pm @ Intrepid Pursuits
American Twine Building
222 Third Street, #4000
Cambridge, MA
There are two entrances to the American Twine Building- one is closer to second street around the side of the building, this is the entrance you want! Take elevators up to the 4th floor and that entire floor is Intrepid. After 6pm security will ask you to sign in but no ID is required.

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