Legal Issues in Gaming

by Dawn Rivers on June 11, 2017

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Our presentation this month is by intellectual property attorneyAssaad Lyn:

Legal Issues in Gaming:

A creator has power and control over his/her project. The project can exist by itself, or it can be one part of a whole.

What rights do you have as a creator? What do you own as a creator? What are you really giving up when you sign an employment contract, or a freelance contract, and what can you do to protect yourself?

About the Presenter:

PAD Photo1_crop

After graduating from Suffolk Law, Assaad Lyn pursued a career in helping artists and developers understand their Intellectual Property rights. Currently, he is working as an intellectual property attorney for an investment and consultation firm. During his time there, he has trademarked within multiple industries. Most recently, he worked on both the creating a filing of a trademark for a fashion company. Now he is seeking to expand into intellectual property within the video game and music industry.

Assaad has also done copyright research, and has volunteered his time to assist pro se litigants and under represented individuals in family law and housing matters.


Thursday, June 15th
7:00pm @ Intrepid Pursuits
American Twine Building
222 Third Street, #4000
Cambridge, MA
There are two entrances to the American Twine Building- one is closer to second street around the side of the building, this is the entrance you want! Take elevators up to the 4th floor and that entire floor is Intrepid. After 6pm security will ask you to sign in but no ID is required.

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