October Meeting – Waggle Words Post-Mortem

by Alex Engel on October 16, 2017

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October Meeting: Waggle Words – Launching the World’s 1st AR Word Game

Join us on Wednesday, October 18th at 7pm in Intrepid Labs, in The American Twine Building (222 Third St. Cambridge, MA 02141 4th floor) for our next Boston Post Mortem meeting: Waggle Words – Launching the World’s 1st AR Word Game

After three+ years of development, Vermont Digital Arts (VTDA) just launched Waggle Words, the world’s 1st Augmented Reality word game on the App Store. Although Waggle Words ranked at #6 for paid word games on the App store the week of launch, day one did not go so well.

Elliott Mitchell, co-founder of Vermont Digital Arts, will trace the trajectory of Waggle Words from it’s origins, various branching platforms, App Store launch and future platform releases. Elliott will discuss VTDA’s methodology of design, development, and decision making processes as they relate to Waggle Words. Elliott will also share some lessons learned launching a premium game on the Apps Store in the age of Free To Play games.


Elliott Mitchell – Co-Founder Vermont Digital Arts


Elliott Mitchell, Co-Founder of Vermont Digital Arts, is a VR / AR artist and developer based in Vermont and Boston, MA. Besides just launching a top 10 ranking word game, Waggle Words, on the App Store, Elliott has recently worked on groundbreaking VR and AR projects such as Bjork Digital (River Studio), Styles and Customs of the 2020’s (Scatter), the Leviathan Project (WONDROS) and MorgantinaVR (Archimedes Digital).

With around 25 years experience in the digital arts and 9 years in the games industry, Elliott Co-Founded the Boston Unity Group, actively speaks at game development events and frequently mentors artists and developers.

Elliott can be found on Twitter: @MrT3D

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