January Meeting: Behind the Assets – Shader Tricks and Optimizations

by Les on January 4, 2020

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Join us on Tuesday, Jan. 14th at 7 pm in Intrepid Labs, in The American Twine Building (222 Third St. Cambridge, MA 02141 4th floor) for our next Boston Post Mortem meeting:


Ever wondered what it takes to make a Unity asset? How about how to make the most of your shader design, or how to improve your optimization techniques? Join local developer Jason Booth as he dives into his experiences making the MicroSplat and MegaSplat assets for the Unity app store.


Jason Booth spent his first decade in the game industry at Turbine, releasing some of the first graphical massively multiplayer games, including Asheron’s Call, Asheron’s Call 2, and Dungeons & Dragons Online. He has also worked with Harmonix Music Systems on creating the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, and Conduit Labs, which eventually became Zynga Boston, and at Disruptor Beam, building the client team while focusing on graphics programming and general client side architecture. Jason has lectured at a number of universities including Harvard, MIT, Becker, University of Copenhagen, and the Berklee College of Music, as well as spoken at GDC and other industry conferences many times, and currently has 18 assets on the Unity Asset Store.

Want to show off a project you or your team have been working on? Apply here to demo it for the group!



Tuesday, Jan 14
7:00 pm-9:00 pm  @ Intrepid
American Twine Building, 222 Third Street, #4000, Cambridge, MA

There are two entrances to the American Twine Building- one is closer to second street around the side of the building, this is the entrance you want! Take elevators up to the 4th floor and that entire floor is Intrepid. After 6pm security may ask you to sign in, but no ID is required.

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