The ‘Kine’ Postmortem

by PJ Cignarella on January 27, 2020

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Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 18th at 7 pm in Intrepid Labs, in The American Twine Building (222 Third St. Cambridge, MA 02141 4th floor) for our next Boston Post Mortem meeting:


In this example-heavy talk, Gwen Frey will discuss her journey of taking her recent indie release, Kine, from an after-work passion project to a fully-realized, multi-platform puzzle game. Using footage from development, she’ll demonstrate how she crafted the game iteratively, increasing the scope of the game as she received funding. She’ll cover design goals and methods at different points in production, and explain how she developed the game’s overall vision. Finally, Gwen will discuss Kine’s budget and break down the sales split across SKUs. Come watch as Gwen showcases and celebrates both the missteps and the victories of a game that birthed a brand new studio.


Gwen Frey is a veteran developer with a background in both AAA and indie games. She most recently founded Chump Squad, a new studio to develop her new solo project, Kine. She pitched the game for funding, hired contractors, and released Kine on 3 consoles, Google Stadia, and the Epic Game Store within a year. Before Kine, she co-founded indie studio The Molasses Flood, where she was the CFO and one of six developers on their debut game The Flame in The Flood. Previously, Gwen worked as a senior technical animator on BioShock Infinite, the BioShock Infinite DLCs, and Marvel Heroes Online. She regularly live-streams indie game development on Twitch (@direGoldfish) and co-hosts game development podcast “The Dialog Box.”

Want to show off a project you or your team have been working on? Apply here to demo it for the group!


Tuesday, Feb 18th
7:00 pm-9:00 pm  @ Intrepid 
American Twine Building, 222 Third Street, #4000, Cambridge, MA

There are two entrances to the American Twine Building- one is closer to second street around the side of the building, this is the entrance you want! Take elevators up to the 4th floor and that entire floor is Intrepid. After 6pm security may ask you to sign in, but no ID is required.

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