Getting Creative: A fireside chat with Harmonix’s VP of Creative

by PJ Cignarella on November 11, 2020

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Given her non-traditional background and the variety of roles/disciplines in which she has worked, Helen McWilliams has had to get creative over the years in order to pursue her professional passions. Helen will be chatting about strategies that folks from non-gaming/untraditional backgrounds can utilize to advance their careers. She will also touch on how studios of any size can use related strategies to find new talent and ideally increase diversity in their workplaces. Mostly, Helen just wants to hear your questions about anything Harmonix-related, and is therefore hoping for a lengthy Q&A. She will do her best to remember things even though she can’t remember where she hid the trail mix with the mini peanut butter cups in it and that was, like, twelve days ago.
As VP of Creative at Harmonix, Helen McWilliams is responsible for ensuring the creative excellence of all company products. Helen started at Harmonix as a QA Tester in 2004, and has since held a variety of positions at the studio, including writer, producer, designer, and creative lead. She has worked on over 25 shipped titles, including the upcoming FUSER, and numerous games in the Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Central franchises. Outside of Harmonix, Helen plays guitar and intends to return to the very excellent local punk/hardcore scene once fun is a thing we can do again.
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Wednesday, November 11th

7:00 pm-9:30 pm
ONLINE via Zoom

Just follow this Zoom Link!


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