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How do you know if a prototype is worth finishing? When is the right time to start polishing? Why is making a platformer a bad idea? Roh will explore these questions and more as he shares 9 different lessons from making Nine, the indie roguelike about a cat who has nine lives to save the moon.
Rohit Crasta is a Technical Game Designer who has worked at studios such as Sneaky Games, Demiurge Studios, Funkitron, and GameCo. In his free time he loves to tinker, participating in game jams and making dozens of rapid prototypes. In 2020 he pitched Nine to RIT MAGIC and was accepted into their Community Incubator program. Nine is on track to launch this summer!
Want to show off a project you or your team have been working on? Apply here to demo it for the group!



Tuesday, March 2st

7:00 pm-9:00 pm
ONLINE via Discord

Just follow this Discord Link!

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