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by Darius Kazemi on July 9, 2009

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Game Changers: What is Fueling the Explosive Growth in Game Technology, Licensing and Distribution?

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Cost: $25 for members; $45 for non-members

Location – Peabody Marriott, 8A Centennial Drive, Peabody, Mass.

Directions – Route 128 Exit 28 Forest Street/Centennial Drive

Program Description:

Games are big business, bigger than they have ever been. From the humble beginnings of text driven adventure games to the first primitive pixel pushing game consoles technology has continued to drive our culture toward interactive games of all genres and abilities. Today gaming is truly infiltrating our lifestyle. They are everywhere, and played on everything from computers, to game consoles, to cell phones, you name it and technology makes it possible. And they are making money too, big money. Last year the total game industry accounted for over $22 billion dollars of business, equaling the home video market, and is tied as one of the top forms of revenue producing entertainment period. Now with digital distribution, on line game sites and social networks satisfying all types of gamers the future remains bright, and more ways to play are on the way.

All along this meteoric climb those that have provided the technological advances that have fostered this growth have also flourished. From middleware providers to full-blown “game engine” licensing, technical advances have made those who have strategically aligned with this form of entertainment into winners. Encompassing all forms of art and programming, and staggering hardware creation, the game industry provides many ways to participate.

Our discussion will examine the history of this revolution, focusing on key technology breakthroughs, and then shine a spotlight on what is hot today, and what will be even hotter tomorrow. Get ready to play; we are just starting another new game!

For more information, check out the event website.

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